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We offer support through our TELEGRAM group. Please message us for a link to the group once you have purchased a subscription.

If you need more help

You can reach out to us here. if you require further assistance before, during or after purchase. Contact us at

613-699-IPTV (4788) or by email at  help@jgtv.ca

For our USA Customers a Paypal money request will be sent to your email. Note, do not add buyer protection. If you do, this will delay us creating your account.

For our Canadian Customers, email money transfer will be sent to help@jgtv.ca

All Hardware products have a 30 day warranty against defects from JGTV and 1 year from the manufacturer. All hardware is tested before being sold.

All Subscriptions are sold as is where is and do not carry any ability for refund.


How To Install and Configure Smarters Pro

Download and install IPTV Smarters Pro if you haven’t already to your device. Below is a link to an ad free version.


Once installed you will find it in your apps section of your device.

  1. Open IPTV Smarters Pro and accept the terms of use.
  2. Select Login with Xtream Codes API.
  3. Enter in name as JGTV
  4. Enter Username and Password provided to you in confirmation email.
  5. Enter server url Provided in your order confirmation email
  6. Select Add User.
  7. Once channels and movies load select Live TV.
  8. Select the 3 dots top right
  9. Select Refresh TV Guide. The guide will load.
  10. Back on the main screen of the Smarters app select the settings wheel top right.
  11. Select Player Settings.
  12. Change this to Hardware Decoder and save changes.
  13. Back to the main screen again and you are all set. ENJOY!

How To Clear Cache on IPTV Smarters Pro

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click Apps or All Apps (slightly different on all boxes)
  3. Find IPTV Smarters or Smarters Pro
  4. Click on it and choose Force Stop then click OK  or YES
  5. Click Clear Cache then click OK or YES
  6. Reboot box and see if issues resolved
  7. ENJOY!

How To Setup BUZZ TV Box

  1. From the main menu, click on Settings
  2. Now click on SERVERS
  3. Use server name JGTV
  4. Portal/Server URL: Provided in your order confirmation email
  5. Once you receive your confirmation email and enter the portal url click Connect and channels will load.
  6. Next time you want to watch tv click LIVE TV button on main screen
  7. Now you’re all set. ENJOY!

How to Clear Cache on BUZZ TV box

  1. From the main menu, click on Settings
  2. Click MORE
  3. Click APPS
  4. Click SEE ALL APPS
  5. Select BUZZ TV 4
  6. Select FORCE STOP and select OK
  7. Click CLEAR CACHE and select OK


How to Hard Reset Buzz TV Boxes

Please see video instructions here

MAG Device – 256 or Newer

  1. Go into Settings, then System Settings, then select Servers
  2. Select Portals and under portal name add JGTV and for the URL: Use the one Provided in your order confirmation email
  3. Click Reload Server
  4. Now you are all set. ENJOY!


Here are the steps to clear cache on firestick, fireTV etc

  • Go to the FireStick Settingsfrom the home screen
  • Click Applications
  • Open Manage Installed Applications
  • You now see this list of the installed apps
  • Go ahead and click the streaming app with buffering issues  (IPTV SMARTERS, STBEMU etc )
  • You will find the clear cache information on the right section of this window

You can do the following:

  • Clear cache: Force stop, click OK or YES, then click Clear Cache and OK or YES.DO******NOT CLICK CLEAR DATA EVER OR YOU WILL LOSE FAVES AND SETTINGS******
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